Friday, 13 December 2013

Phenocal Review: Does it really work?

Phenocal In-depth Review

Phenocal is a weight loss supplement that can be purchased online. It first appeared in the list of weight loss supplement around 2009 and has managed to remain in the market ever since. The company that manufactures Phenocal, Pharmaxa Labs, advertises that its product is safe based on the fact that it is made with many natural ingredients. Those ingredients are believed to give no chance to fat.

One thing about Phenocal is that aside from the fact that it is made with many different kinds of ingredients, it is offered as a package that contains diet regimen and an exercise book. This is because Pharmaxa Labs believes that to increase the chances of weight loss; one can't only rely on pills but also has to exercise. The manufacturer believes that this way, it can help thousands of people lose weight.

Can Phenocal really deliver outstanding results? Let's find out what really goes into it.

What are the Key Ingredients?

Phenocal is rich in all kinds of B vitamins. But the most important ingredients used to formulate the product are those that affect appetite and boost energy. Here are a few of those:

Chromium (Picolinate): some people gain weight because they suffer from carb craving. They love eating starchy snacks and that just does not help the weight loss process. Chromium is expected to prevent that by giving the user enough willpower to control him.

Folic Acid: it is believed to help people shape their body by burning fat.

Fucoxanthin: extracted from seaweeds and algae, Fucoxanthin is believed to raise the body's core temperature and boost metabolism.

Glucomannan: Glucomannan is solicited for its fiber that is soluble inside water. As it enters the digestive track it grows in size and gives the user the impression of being full. This way people will not abuse of the food they have available.

Cocoa extract: cocoa may be much more popular in chocolate related product but the fact is it has other properties that are useful for those who want to lose weight. It plays a role in the suppression of appetite and increases alertness.

Hoodia Gordonii: This plant is much more popular in South African. It grows in the Kalahari desert and is very much used by the indigenous people to suppress appetite. Now that science is catching up with the knowledge of the indigenous people, extract from Hoodia is now used in many weight loss supplements.

Green Tea leaf extract: Believed to play a role in the reduction of fat inside the body. This is linked to its high content in catechin.

5 HTP (5-hydroxyptophan): this is an amino acid that helps increase the level of serotonin in the blood. Serotonin affects how a person feels. Research suggests that when the level of serotonin goes low people tend to be obese.

Other ingredients used in Phenocal are Bioperine®, CLA, Biotin, L-Tyrosine, Coleus Forskohlii, Evodiamine, L-Tryptophan and Yerba Mate.

How does Phenocal work for successful Weight loss?

To increase the chances of success, Pharmaxa Labs has decided to use as many ingredients as it can get in the formulation of Phenocal. This move has boosted the chances of the product turning out successful. But on top of that, considering the fact that there is a diet regimen and exercise book included into the package, the chances of success are almost 100% if the user follows the recommendations to the letter.

Why Phenocal is Perfect Weight loss Solution?

One thing most weight loss aspirants want more than anything in the supplement that they buy is that it should work. There are just too many fake pills out there that just don't deliver.

Phenocal is perfect because it is designed into a package that doesn't only deliver in terms of the ingredients used by also provides the users with the exercises and diet he needs to achieve the best goals.

Phenocal Success Stories

There are many testimonials shared on the official website of Phenocal but it is better to rely on those made on independent websites such as amazon.

On Amazon Phenocal has received 4 Stars over 5 from 13 different customers.

TessieD said she was able to lose 15 pounds in 2 months using this product.

Maria Herbert had a similar story; she lost 15 pounds in a few months. She mentioned that, of all the supplements she's ever tried. Phenocal was the only one that works for her.

What makes Phenocal So Effective?

Because Phenocal integrates so many weight loss ingredients its chances of failing are quite slim and this explains why it is that much effective.

How Much Phenocal Cost?

A bottle of Phenocal is sold at $39.95. There are different packages available for those who want to buy more and save money.

Are there any Discount Offers?

Yes. On the official website there is a coupon available. The code on that coupon can be used to get the supplement at a discounted price. It is a 10% discount.


Phenocal is a product that seems to be doing well in the market. If you are interested in losing weight, give it a try. The chances are you are not going to regret it.